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Nadia Kibout was born in Saint-Etienne in France to Algerian parents. In 2004 she starts her career with a dramatic film, the first feature film of Mario Rellini, War Ballet, to which will follow other movies and fiction films. The theater, directed by Sergio Castellitto for the piece “The Doubt” will offer her a wonderful experience. Her passion and dedication sustain her in a desire of a career full of characters and meetings. She had a degree at Cours Florent Academy in Paris and she has widened her formation by attending workshops and stages: with Greta Seacat (Actor’s Studio – New York), “On body, sensoriality and emotions” with Riccardo Magherini, of Drama with Dominique De Fazio (Actor’s Studio – New York), with the MOMIX Company of Moses Pendleton, with Rossella Hightower at the International Dance School (Cannes), at New York American Theatre Ballet & Steps School and a singing course with Mr. Michele Fischietti. In 2010 she plays as “the Gipsy woman” in “For Sofia” by Ilaria Paganelli.

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