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After a long career as an actor on the Italian scene, he made his debut behind the camera in 2003 with the short film “LEBESS not bad”.Best film Spazio Torino at the Torino film festival 2003 with the following motivation:“With this story, the director shows from his debut a new point of view on the subject of immigration, a very interesting point of view without any rhetoric.”In 2005, he shot his second short film “Guilty until proven innocent”."European Kodak Showcase Cannes 2006" award for the best Italian short film at the Torino Film Festival 2005. In 2008 he released "Somewhere in town" and in 2009 "Wax Wings" winning for the third time the Torino Film Festival 2009 as best film and many other national and international festivals.In 2011 he filmed his first feature, a cultural comedy entitled “Aspromonte: a whole different story”. The feature film released in cinemas on 31 January 2013 is currently available on Amazon Video Prime. In 2018, he shot the short film “The Beautifulest Party”, selected at the 75th Venice International Film Festivalwithin the Migrarti section organised by Mibact.

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