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This documentary project aims to correct the distorted vision that contemporary Italy has of its own Afro-descendant children and hopes to establish a healthier and more constructive space of dialogue regarding 'identity' issues in the country and abroad, especially in this particular socio-political and historical period of time.

What does it mean to grow up in Italy, today, as an afro-descendant child of immigrants? From North to South, Crossing the color line tells their stories, experiences, and points of view. The documentary was thought as a 'safe space' where Italian afro-descendants could freely express themselves and rebuild together a first-person narrative: a new Italian youth, with a rich identity, complex and sometimes hesitant, talks about roots, self-acceptance, nationality and dual belonging.

Beyond the color line, those testimonies challenge the existing idea of 'italianess” and ask to rethink the sense of belonging to a national identity, redefining the traditional geographical and political boundaries, as contemporary Italy now has another face, which also looks like them.

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