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Fatou is a young 23-year-old Italian woman of Senegalese origin. She lives in a suburban neighborhood of Rome with her mother, who would like to educate her according to the strict impositions of her native culture. But Fatou is in search of her own identity that combines her being a black Muslim with Italian society.Her genuine passion and screen against prejudice is singing: music, for her, is what will never betray her. Fatou finds the strength to break through fear and humiliation with a song. An intimate night song in which Fatou tells her story, in the silence of the sleeping city, expressing her dreams as a girl, the hope of a radiant life that is perhaps already there waiting for her. Fatou says she does not know love, except in the feeling of her mother; she sings of the possibility of love, which means first of all loving oneself.And her poetic outburst becomes a universal reflection on the sense of identity, so coveted and, for many, never really possessed.

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