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In 1999 Kim Bikila opened Malcolm X the first talents agency to represent BIPOC actors and directors in Italy.

Mr. Bikila as casting director worked with international directors included Spike Lee.

Before him in the 70's Fernando Piazza an Italian-Somali was the agent of many African and African-Americans actors in Italy.

In 2011,  Matias Mesquita launched "Kibaka Florence Festival" a film festival based on African films.

In 2016 Fred Kudjo Kuwornu organized at the Rome Film Festival "United Colors of Italy" an event to create awareness and to demand more diversity inclusion in the Italian mainstream media.

In 2019 Ira Nohemi Fronten launched "Italian Black Movie Award"an event to celebrate talents of African descent in Italy.

In 2022, director and writer Antonio Dikele Distefano hosted in Milan the event BLEQ with the purpose to connect young talented artists of the entertainment.

COMPANY PRODUCTIONS founded by Black Italian Producers


(founded in 2013 vy FRED KUDJO KUWORNU)


( founded in 2017 by HEDY KRISSANE)

We want to support the next generation of brilliant talents Belove The Line. Please send us your story and resume to help us to connect the industry with You 

We are seeking for:

1.   Cinematographer

2.   D.O.P.

2.   1st and 2nd Assistant Director

3.   Producers

4.   Production Assistant

5.   Line Producers

6.   Production Managers

7.   Art Department Crew

8.   Camera Operators

9.   Gaffers

10. Film Editor

11. Production accountant

12. Cast production assistant

13. Key grip

14. Make-up artist  department

15. Hairstylist department

Please contact us by sending a message and we will let you know how to connect with the industry.



2002 “Natale in Autogrill “ short di Fred Kudjo Kuwornu

2003 “Lebess (non c'è male)” short directed by Hedy Krissane

2008 “ Come un uomo sulla terra” directed by Dagmawi Ymer

2009 “Ali di cera” short directed by Hedy Krissane

2010 “Inside Buffalo” feature doc directed by Fred Kudjo Kuwornu

2010 “Il debito del mare” di Adil Tanani

2011 “Soltanto il Mare” directed by Dagmawi Ymer

2012 “18 Ius Soli” feature doc directed by Fred Kuwornu

2012 “GeNewration” short directed by Amin Nour

2012. “Aspromonte” directed by Hedy Krissane

2013 “Và Pensiero- Storie ambulanti “ feature doc directed by Dagmawi Ymer

2014 “Your Love”short directed by Laila Petrone Peynado

2014 “The long road to the Hall of fame” feature doc directed by Réda Zine

2015 “Devils come to Koko” feature documentary directed by Alfie Nze

2015 “ Asmarina” feature documentary co-directed by Medhin Paolo

2016 “Blaxploitalian 100 Years of Blackness in Italian Cinema” feature documentary  directed by Fred Kudjo Kuwornu

2016 “Le ali velate” short directed by Nadia Kibbutz

2017 “Granma” short directed by Alfie Nze

2017 “21 Insonnia” short directed by Kassim Yassin Saleh

2017 “ Idris” short directed by Kassim Yassin Saleh

2017 “Ambaradan” short directed by Amin Nour

2018 “ Crossing the color line “ feature documentary directed by Sabrina Onana

2018 “Indovina chi ti porto per cena” short directed by Amin Nour

2018  “Appuntamento ai marinai” feature documentary directed by Ariam Tesle

2019 “No me olvidaré de ti”short directed by Laila Petrone Peynado

2020 “I’m Fatou” short film directed by Amir Ra

2021 “Il vento sotto i piedi” short directed by Kassim Yassin Saleh

2021 “The Moor” short directed by Daphne Di Cinto

2022 “Autumn Beat” feature film directed by Antonio Dikele Distefano

2022 “La mia Milano”short film directed by Nadia Ali

2022 “Guerra tra poveri “short directed by Kassim Yassin Saleh






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